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**** Super Simple Server v1.21 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2020/05/15 09:14:11 PM    
May 15, 2020


Version 1.21 is now available.  The following changes were made:

• new [custom=examplename/] tag that allows injection of custom HTML from config/sitename/0_site/custom/examplename.txt
• support config/sitename/0_site/custom/inline.css file for injecting custom CSS rules inline into all rendered output
• settings file config/sitename/0_site/server.txt now supports https_cert_no_sni:1 option to support non-SNI clients
• settings file config/sitename/0_site/server.txt now supports https_cert_fallback:1 option for fallback if host name not matched
• SNI implementation will not reveal any configured host names unless a fallback or no-SNI cert is configured
• fixed GUI version instance interlock to show a wait dialog upon launch if a previously closed instance is taking a long time to save it's config
• GUI version will now correctly raise to foreground when another instance is launched
• fixed several time-zone formatting problems on Windows versions when adding dates to item tags, and in CLF/ELF log files
• Linux command-line version now offers specific suggestions if port binding fails due to a permission problem on the well-known ports range (1-1024)
• fixed problems with KB/s speed readouts after process has been running over 26 days
• file selection dialog on Windows versions has had several minor fixes to better support newer shell library and compressed folder features
• in Sites view, fixed several minor problems with the Refresh option on the right-click context menu
• when editing a page, duplicate submission checks now also look for changes to the page title
• template update notification now checks more accurately for inter-version changes before launching popup
• on user home page placeholder, admins will now also see a link to the user's account admin page at sitename/admin/users/username
• when on a user home page, the Admin link in the header bar bottom-right will now also directly link to the user's account admin page
• fixed several minor problems with sites that have non-standard HTTP or HTTPS ports configured
• when adding a site through the GUI, host names are filtered for invalid characters
• fixed problem with needmod flag being placed into page data file instead of page settings.txt
• fixed GUI problem in Sites view that caused needmod flag to sometimes appear when action not needed
• fixed minor GUI problem with overlapping modal windows
• updated IP location tables

It is important to update your site templates using your web browser.  Navigate to the Admin section for your site, at https://yoursite.example/admin/template/update, then click the Update button at the bottom.  There have been important changes to a few of the templates.

Thanks for using Super Simple Server!

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