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**** Super Simple Server v1.22 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2021/11/11 11:31:51 AM    
September 26, 2021


Version 1.22 is now available.  There have been many improvements:

• updated bandwidth throttle, less CPU usage and more accurate
• fixed localized Unicode date/time output problems for some languages
• UPNP / NAT-PMP clients completely revised
• time scale for GUI bandwidth charts
• long-term charting
• mouse-wheel to control zoom for GUI bandwidth charts
• bandwidth chart history stored between sessions
• support use_x_forwarded_for in site/server settings, to log the IP from the tag instead of the connection source IP
• several fixes and improvements to the core HTTP client/server classes
• mainloop updated, better task prioritizing under heavy CPU usage
• Linux version built on much newer toolchain with better optimizations
• the  directive can use a trailing + on id=value pairs to match beginning of string
• several IP address formatting improvements through the program, mostly for IPv6 addresses
• updated elliptic-curve crypto library, which is used to process federated logins
• minor updates to chat room client
• in page history, after a purge of non-current versions, now returns to history, and always resets moderation flag
• clicking pages in a ?log view will now always go to the page history, even if no moderation flag
• added noindex meta tag to all non-content pages
• added viewport meta tag to all pages, for better display on small-screen devices
• several other minor GUI improvements

It is important to update your site templates using your web browser.  Navigate to the Admin section for your site, at https://yoursite.example/admin/template/update, then click the Update button at the bottom.  There have been important changes to a few of the templates.

Thanks for using Super Simple Server!

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