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Page language options

by Pete on 2019/04/03 07:59:00 AM    

I'm trying to set a page with changeable language. I've done this by setting a "lang" variable and displaying content with if statement based on that variable, for example:

[set lang=eng]
[if set_lang=eng][size=2][b]Welcome to your new site![/b][/size][/if]
[else][size=2][b]Witaj na twojej nowej stronie![/b][/size][/else]

It works, but I can't figure how to make it user configurable. Also I see the variable isn't passed to other pages, so the whole idea is wrong.

How should I do different language support? I guess a mirror copy within a folder and relative paths would work, but this would be actually two sites to manage. Also is it possible to read browser language preferences and display text based on that?


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