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License and long-term updates of Super Simple Server

by Guest on 2019/04/14 04:00:54 AM    
Will you ever share the source code for any or part of your apps? You created this software because you want people to always be free to express themselves online, without centralized control. However the centralized control is in your hand. No way to audit the code, no way to verify correctness and reproduce the builds, no way to update the software without you. How many developer(s) does Tixati Software Inc have? Many examples told us that the dependency on a single entity for network enabled applications is just a recipe for disaster. Why did you still pick this model?
by Guest on 2019/04/18 04:42:14 PM    
Super Simple Server seems to be a good alternative to OnionShare.

(email and link removed by Mod and sent to Devs)

by Guest on 2019/04/27 10:31:49 PM    
*Super Simple Server seems to be a good alternative to OnionShare if it weren't for the license.

(You accidentally removed a very important meaning from my previous comment.)
by Guest on 2020/03/19 01:58:20 AM    
SuperSimpleServer is for people that want a simple and easy way to host sites. People that want a simple and easy way to host sites probably don't mind that the webserver is closed source. I can understand the concern but I don't think any of his software will ever be made open source. I do like open source and most of the software I use is FOSS. Tixati and Fopnu are the two rare exceptions because they work really well and I trust him. Even though I trust him to not bundle malware, I wish it was open source but that's not my decision. Apache and nginx are good alternatives if you can't use SuperSimpleServer.
by Guest on 2020/12/13 03:39:32 PM    
The framework that powers these apps is amazing and it's a real shame it isn't open source.

There is an interesting contradiction between the decentralised model of apps and maintaining a proprietary source code model.

It will be most unfortunate if the developer dies, becomes incapacitated, or for some other reason, chooses not to continue development. Users will suffer.

I marvel at these apps, but I don't use them.

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