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Example Header Template - Navbar Style

by chrsmrrtt on 2019/06/26 09:14:52 PM    
Want more real estate for your content?

Here's a reworking of the default header template that performs, near enough, all the same functionality of the default, but minimises it's vertical footprint.

[box padding="0.5em" color=#fafafa][column][b][url="/"]{{settings:site_title}}[/url][/b][/column][column][right][if & allow_view allow_edit allow_history][size=-1]Page: [/size][url="{{this_path}}"]View[/url] [color=#d8d8d8]/[/color] [url="?edit"]Edit[/url] [color=#d8d8d8]/[/color] [url="?history"]History[/url] [color=#b6b6b6]|[/color] [/if][if session:user:is_admin][size=-1]Site: [/size][url="/admin"]Admin[/url] [color=#b6b6b6]|[/color] [/if][if session:user:member][size=-2](signed in as: [b][url={{session:user:link}}]{{session:user:name}}[/url][/b])[/size][url={{session:logout_link}}] Sign Out[/url][/if][else][url=/register]Register[/url] | [url=/login]Sign In[/url][/else][/right][/column][/box]

Feel free to use, remix, do as you will.

To apply it to your site log in as an Admin, visit the /admin page, then Template, Edit Header, overwrite the content in the textbox, and finally Save.
by Pete on 2019/06/29 08:02:05 AM    

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