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Bookmarklet: Play all the MP3s is the folder you're browsing

by chrsmrrtt on 2019/07/05 08:22:44 PM    
I've created a rudimentary bookmarklet which allows you to play all the MP3s from the SSS folder you're currently browsing. Useful if you're browsing a folder containing the tracks of an album.


Click on the bookmarklet while browsing a SSS folder with at least one MP3 in it and an audio control will appear at the bottom of the screen ready to play the first track (in top to bottom order).

Once that track has finished the next track will automatically play, saving you the need to Open each file individually.

Functionality is very limited at the moment; There's no next/previous track function (the best workaround to quickly get to the next track is to scrub the playback to near the end of the current track), you have to start from the top of the file list and work down, there's no indication what track is currently playing, etc.

I might add to this over time, but I just want to share this basic functionality with everyone now. I hope you get some use out of it.

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