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Is Super Simple Server open source?

by Guest on 2022/08/14 09:46:35 PM    
I like the idea of Super Simple Server, but I cannot have any proprietary software in my tech stack. If I am unable to maintain it myself if something goes wrong, then I cannot use it without introducing a potential liability. I am fine with any open source license whether it is apache-2.0 or GPLv3, I just cannot use proprietary software, especially for hidden services. I will just stick with lighttpd in the meantime.

All the best,
by Guest on 2023/09/30 01:39:48 PM    
That point is correct. We need to be able to see thru every layer of the stack to fully service it. Especially in a high-security setting.
by Guest on 2024/02/22 08:00:41 PM    
I would advocate for the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later. Since supersimpleserver is a networked program the Affero GPL is appropriate. Same for FOPNU, DARKMX and Tixati. In fact the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later is the perfect license for P2P programs since copyright trolls and DMCA enforcement companies must also release the source code as well, thus making the patching of any exploits they develop trivially easy and the legal argument of you are infringing on my copyrights too a valid defense. Kevin Hearn could easily make a sizable living suing copyright trolls and proprietary software peddlers alike rather than the other way around. It would be a massive embarrassment for the DMCA enforcement companies to be caught violating the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later, so they likely will leave Tixati, Fopnu, DarkMX and SuperSimpleServer alone out of caution. I would also like to take a moment to advocate that SuperSimpleServer upgrade to GTK4, Tor, LibreSSL 3.8.2/OpenSSL 3.2.1 and support stream compression via ZSTD 1.5.5/LZ4 1.9.4, Zlib 1.3.1, LZMA SDK 23.01 and Brotli 1.1.0.

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