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Support for Brotli, TLS 1.3, and newer HTTP versions

by Guest on 2022/09/06 10:21:44 PM    
Hello, my questions are:
1. Does SSS compress pages with Brotli to clients that 'Accept-Encoding: br'?
2. Does SSS support TLS 1.3?
3. Does SSS support HTTP/2 and HTTP/3?
4. Does SSS still support this stuff when running on old platforms like Windows XP?
Thank you.
by KH on 2022/09/17 05:22:04 AM    
Hi there,

1 - No Brotli support yet.  Not certain when this will be coming but it's on the agenda for sure.

2 - Yes, TLS 1.3 should be working in the latest version.

3 - The new QUIC and HTTP/3 server is being worked on right now.  Shouldn't be much longer.

4 - The support for all these protocols is exactly the same from XP to Win 11 to Linux.  32 or 64 bit it's all the same.
by Guest on 2022/09/19 05:30:50 PM    
by KH on 2022/11/24 12:43:44 AM    
v1.24 is now available

Brotli, GZip, and Deflate compression are all supported by default.

There are also settings to tune the compression levels and eligible mime-types.

https://help.supersimpleserver.com/config  in the first section, about 1/5th of the way down the page, has the full list of settings if you want to really customize the behavior.  But the default settings are pretty good.

Still working on QUIC and some of those other things... to be continued.

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