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ddns dynv6.com support for multiple urls

by Guest on 2022/11/28 06:10:02 PM    
I use dynv6.com for my ddns which supports ipv4 and ipv6 and for that it uses two urls which does not seem to be supported
by janet on 2022/12/07 08:43:14 AM    
It is supported, but there's just no space for dual-ddns in the New Site dialogs.  But it is easy to add after you created your site.

Go into your site's config folder, for example config/mysiteexample.dynip.org

In there, find the folder 0_site/settings

In there, edit the text file ddns.txt (if you are running Windows older than 10, right-click and open in wordpad so the line-endings are correct)

In this file, you can place something like the following example lines:


Don't leave any blank lines in this file.

If you see any old leftover update_url: or ipcheck_url: lines you can clean those out.

It's documented on https://help.supersimpleserver.com/config   near the bottom in the specialized protocols section, but if you have any trouble please feel free to reply in here.

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